Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Stephen Harper Wins Canadian Election

Well, it looks like Stephen Harper is the new Prime Minister of Canada. I have to say though, for all the assistance his media friends/contributors (CanWest, Bell and Rogers) gave him during the campaign, anything less than a majority government must be a bit of a let down.

I like these minority governments. Everything is so delicate and unstable that the Prime Minister can't even fart, without the opposition smelling it. All the parties are forced to learn to work together and compromise on issues or else risk the uncertainty of another election. It's perfect!

Right now, the main talking points in the media are that "Canadians" are tired of having elections; that we want "changeā€ and want our nation to move in a "new direction"... what a bunch of CRAP! It took me less than 5 minutes to vote; it's not exhausting, it's fun. It's the ONLY time Canadians have a say in Parliment; so I say, the more the merrier. Elections are also great because it gets people interested in the issues. Too often with these "majority" governments, one party gets ALL the power and then Canadians completely forget about politics for the next 4 years. We don't seem to realize that it's during these long periods of "neglect" that all the corruption takes place. Politicians (no matter what their political affiliation is) need CONSTANT supervision, because they simply cannot control themselves. By their very nature, politicians are greedy and power hungry. Minority governments allows for such "supervision".

I also don't believe that Canadians are TRULY looking for a new direction in governing. Basically, we just want to see what our options are; and so we are taking the new puppy out for "walkies" (on a VERY short leash) and hope that he doesn't embarrass us, by trying to hump our neighbour's leg.

With the world the way it is right now; if I had the foresight to do so, I would vote for a minority government every single time. Why?... Because it keeps Canada out of trouble. If we are mired in our own domestic squabbling, then that leaves little chance of us getting entangled in any "international affairs", which our "allies" seem to be pressuring us into.


Blogger Stuart Robertson said...

All things considered, the election could have gone a lot worse. The liberals get their time-out for misbehaviour. The conservatives get another turn sitting in the big boy chair. The NDP got more seats than last time, with Mr + Mrs NDP both getting to move to Ottawa. The Bloc got enough votes to have a strong voice in Ottawa, but not enough to distract everyone with another referendum on leaving Canada.

The Green party got jack, which is too bad. We also have coutless TV spots of Harper hamming it up with W on the ranch to look forward to.


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