Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Howard Stern Moves to Satellite Radio

I wonder if Howard Stern was not truly defined by his epic struggles with the FCC. He seemed to be at his absolute best when he was forced deal with censors and fines and work his way around all of the regulations that were put upon him.

I guess at the end of his run on commercial radio, he really had no other choice but to either compromise, or move his show to satellite; and I'm glad that he chose the latter, but part of me wonders if all this "freedom" might be too much for him to deal with. I mean, what is the purpose of being totally uncensored, if there is no risk of getting in trouble anymore?

It kinda reminds me of the movie "The Shawshank Redemption", where the immates spend their entire adult lives in prison, dreaming of the day they get out; and when that day finally comes, they realize that they've been institutionalized for too long and they can't adjust to their new found "freedom". They've become too accustomed to the strict rules and severe punishment of prision life, that the outside world is just too overwhelming for them.

Also, if you're a believer in "Free Speech" then being forced to pay $14 a month for "civil rights" probably means that there has got to be a lot more going on for it than simply listening in on a high school locker room. Now, I'm sure he will always have his core audience, but I wonder if he will be able to hold onto his larger audience, now that the FCC is no longer around to keep reminding us how "evil" Howard Stern is.

I guess "relevance" now replaces "censorship" as the main obstacle for Howard to overcome.


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