Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today's Cartoon: David Letterman vs. Bill O'Reilly

Letterman forgot to mention that although 60 percent of what O'Reilly says may be "crap", the other 40 percent of what he says are wonderful low fat dessert recipes, and they are "delicious" :)

So what if Bill O'Reilly isn't 100% truthful, who is? When I was a kid I never believed that "Hulkamania" was actually "running wild", but I still watched wresting. You see, that's because wrestling is not really a "sport". It's called "sport entertainment".

Maybe that's the problem with the "news" today; it's not news anymore, it's "news entertainment". People don't watch Bill O'Reilly to be informed, they watch him to be entertained; and there is no denying that he does a fantastic job at that, right? :)

You can watch the actual interview over at "Crooks and Liars".


Blogger Stuart Robertson said...

David had a lot of good comments during the interview. O'Rielly said some things that were reasonable -- but he always reminds me of a highschool debate team member. He knows he's not right, but he wants to "win" the argument -- so he'll never admit it.

10:10 p.m.  
Blogger Kevin said...

Yes. O'Reilly and his kind NEVER admit to being wrong because to do so would be like handing ammunition to your enemy.

"Credibility" is EVERYTHING (whether it's real or perceived).

In their eyes by admiting to "Not know" or worse, to be "wrong" about something, could then comeback and be use against them in a future discussion as a way of being dimissed by their opponents.

Instead of admitting to be wrong, O'Reilly and his type will simply try to change the subject and context of the conversation so that they never have to admit to actually being "wrong".

Little children do this trick all the time :)

11:45 p.m.  

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