Monday, January 23, 2006

Today's Cartoon: Alberto Gonzales vs. Google

So, the United States government has decided to combat smut on the internet by looking into the confidential records of popular search engines companies, to find out where this so-called "pornography" is... and who is infact looking at this stuff (Hey!... stop looking at me like that!).

I dunno. I think it's kinda' difficult for them to make the claim that this is STRICTLY in an effort to "protect children", especially when GUNS "harm" far more children each year than the internet does. So, am I to assume that the United States Government is also going to take equally drastic measures to "protect children" by establishing a some sort of gun "Registry" or even a gun ban? ...Probably not.

Lots of people are upset by this move by the Bush Administration. Many Americans feel that this is yet another in a series of unwarranted invasions upon their privacy; yet it's a difficult position to argue against. Supporters of this decision would simply accuse (and dismiss) those who are against it as being "pro-child pornography"; this would prevent any debate on privacy rights from even getting started.

...Say, I wonder if any "Democrats" have ever looked at pornography on the internet. I mean, wouldn't that be embarassing if , let's say, they were running for congress in the upcoming election and (somehow) their opponent found out that he/she was fond of watching little, old grannies wrestle in chocolate pudding... Information like that would probably ruin their campaign, wouldn't it?


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