Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today's Cartoon: The Baghdad Prison Break

"Propaganda" is probably THE most powerful "weapon" used in warfare. It can be used in so many different ways to acheive SO many different responses. For example, it can be used to motivate the troops, to raise morale, to spread fear and confusion among the enemy, to encourage support from the homefront or to cleverly distract the world when things get slightly out of hand.

Even if you consider the war in Iraq a mistake and/or a failure, you have to be impressed by the successful "Propaganda War" that has been waged basically since the 9/11 attacks. What's most impressive is that in the United States, it's not even called "propaganda". That word has such a negative connotation attached to it that the "powers-that-be" have wisely opted for the more "professional" sounding "Strategic Influence" and "Perception Management" (these terms also look MUCH better on a resume).

Well, if "propaganda" is a dirty word, then my favourite form is (appropriately) those late night phone sex commercials with the hot babes in bikinis, who claim to be waiting up all night for you to call them... but that's different cartoon altogether :)


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